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These commitments are not from my own, all the credit goes here to James Bach. I cannot imagine a better way to start my blog: " Dear Programmer, My job is to help you look good. My job is to support you as you create quality; to ease that burden instead of adding to it. In that spirit, I make the following commitments to you. Sincerely, Tester I provide a service. You are an important client of that service. I am not satisfied unless you are satisfied. I am not the gatekeeper of quality. I don’t “own” quality. Shipping a good product is a goal shared by all of us. I will test your code as soon as I can after you deliver it to me. I know that you need my test results quickly (especially for fixes and new features). I will strive to test in a way that allows you to be fully productive. I will not be a bottleneck. I’ll make every reasonable effort to test, even if I have only partial information about the product. I will learn the product quickly, and m