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Ultimate test tool

 I recently gave a minitalk introducing VIM, enjoy/reuse the prezi if you wish

My web parsing journey

Mission - Quick way to select new job listings for particular search parameters in a minimalist format and learn something on the way I was interested in the area of web-parsing and the idea of quickly gather information from a webpage. My idea was to parse a job search website with the parameters I was interested and find me new job offers in a effective manner. A birdie told me that "The modern way to do it is called Mechanicalsoup , Selenium is for oldies" - let's see. Mechanicalsoup with URL parameters approach First look at the library Mechanicalsoup . It is built on requests and beautifulsoup libraries, can follow links and submit forms. It sounds like an ideal lightweight alternative to Selenium when you only want basic interaction and flexible information scraping. I defined the URL with parameters, parsed the listed jobs from the first page, separated the information and outputted only the important bits (Name,