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I have recently organized a bug hunt in my company.
The point was to motivate testers for testing outside of the scope of their work.
Here are the general settings:
________________________________________________________________________________ TERMINOLOGYTerritory – application, system
Prey – bug, issue, problem, meaningful change request
Hunt – the event in which is are the bugs searched and reported in the particular application in a given time
ROLESOld hunter
He is the most experienced Hunter in the particular territoryTester who has not currently the role of the HunterHe informs other Hunters about the applicationHe evaluates reportsGatherer
He gathers the reports from HuntersHe anonymizes the reports and forwards them to the Old Hunter for evaluationHe will maybe provide reward for the Lead HunterHunter
His role is to catch the preyLead Hunter
He will be known at the end of the huntHe is the best among hunters, the chosen oneHe will receive a big chunk of meat or something RULESYou …