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Session Based Testing - brown bag

Hi there, I have just finished a brown bag about Session Based testing, my sources are mainly the work of John and James Bach. Here is my prezi  My charter: CHARTER ----------------------------------------------- Retest all tasks and areas around them in ILIAS-EV 6.1.0 #AREAS Build | ILIAS-EV 6.1.0 Strategy | Retesting & Exploration START ----------------------------------------------- 16/7/14 09:56 TESTER ----------------------------------------------- my name TASK BREAKDOWN ----------------------------------------------- #DURATION short - 56 minutes #SESSION SETUP 0 - was prepared already thanks to the automation run #CHARTER VS. OPPORTUNITY - DATA FILES ----------------------------------------------- - TEST NOTES ----------------------------------------------- #Task2120: Report creation and deletion is now stored in Audit Trail Tested for reports from "Report Display" & "Export Display" Tested Audit Trail filtering wi


I have recently organized a bug hunt in my company. The point was to motivate testers for testing outside of the scope of their work. Here are the general settings: ________________________________________________________________________________ TERMINOLOGY Territory – application, system Prey – bug, issue, problem, meaningful change request Hunt – the event in which is are the bugs searched and reported in the particular application in a given time ROLES Old hunter He is the most experienced Hunter in the particular territory Tester who has not currently the role of the Hunter He informs other Hunters about the application He evaluates reports Gatherer He gathers the reports from Hunters He anonymizes the reports and forwards them to the Old Hunter for evaluation He will maybe provide reward for the Lead Hunter Hunter His role is to catch the prey Lead Hunter He will be known at the end of the hunt He is the best among hunters , the chosen one

Thrown into automation

Situation & Problem I was thrown into an automation test project. Concretely test automation of 3 different applications (different in purpose, look, structure, behavior) which regression testing was covered only by a automation test suite that was written in AutoIt and the size of the code was quite complex and huge for a new person in the automation. Well, that was not the problem, it is a description of the situation. The problems weren't initially visible. I was never automating before, so I needed to learn quite a bit of the code & got to know all the applications that were part of the project. The problems were not so appealing at the start, but I would formulate then as: Maintenance of the scripts took too long By new versions of the application, it took some time to adjust the scripts to the changes This caused delay in information flow from testers to managers & developers The changes in the application were not clearly communicated to testers

When to start automation?

If you are asking this as a tester, you probably asking too late. Automation is something that can save you some portion of your work (understand resources for your client) and i rarely found cases of testing work that did not need at least some portion of automation. I know that it is rarely understood that automation is something to be developed & maintained and if you cover enough of the application, you do not need any more regression - well i do not think that somebody has done an automation regression suite that if fully reliable (i am not speaking about maintaining this code - which is another topic). There can be always a bug (or quality issue) that slips through, even when you scripts go through the afflicted part. I understand that many testers have no development background or skills, but i doubt the developers that could help you are far away. I am not assuming that they can do the scripts for you.... However if they understand what you need, they can say how e


These commitments are not from my own, all the credit goes here to James Bach. I cannot imagine a better way to start my blog: " Dear Programmer, My job is to help you look good. My job is to support you as you create quality; to ease that burden instead of adding to it. In that spirit, I make the following commitments to you. Sincerely, Tester I provide a service. You are an important client of that service. I am not satisfied unless you are satisfied. I am not the gatekeeper of quality. I don’t “own” quality. Shipping a good product is a goal shared by all of us. I will test your code as soon as I can after you deliver it to me. I know that you need my test results quickly (especially for fixes and new features). I will strive to test in a way that allows you to be fully productive. I will not be a bottleneck. I’ll make every reasonable effort to test, even if I have only partial information about the product. I will learn the product quickly, and m