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Session Based Testing - brown bag

Hi there, I have just finished a brown bag about Session Based testing, my sources are mainly the work of John and James Bach. Here is my prezi  My charter: CHARTER ----------------------------------------------- Retest all tasks and areas around them in ILIAS-EV 6.1.0 #AREAS Build | ILIAS-EV 6.1.0 Strategy | Retesting & Exploration START ----------------------------------------------- 16/7/14 09:56 TESTER ----------------------------------------------- my name TASK BREAKDOWN ----------------------------------------------- #DURATION short - 56 minutes #SESSION SETUP 0 - was prepared already thanks to the automation run #CHARTER VS. OPPORTUNITY - DATA FILES ----------------------------------------------- - TEST NOTES ----------------------------------------------- #Task2120: Report creation and deletion is now stored in Audit Trail Tested for reports from "Report Display" & "Export Display" Tested Audit Trail filtering wi