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Kali Linux 101

Linux was always a bit too 'geeky' thing for me. My recent time on bench provided me however with time and motivation to go into this "terra incognita". The intention was originally to learn some foundations of security testing. After a while I discovered that Kali Linux could provide also benefits for the everyday testing routine. Following is a simple set of tools that will support and enhance your testing. whatweb Whatweb is a web scanner which provides information about the technologies used on the website, mail addresses found and many more Example (type into terminal in Kali Linux): whatweb 0-v whois  Provides domain and legal information about the target website (where is it registered, owner, address, etc.) Example:  whois cewl Outputs all the words contained in the target website. You never know when such feature comes handy. You can output also into a file of course. Examp